Dirty SnapChat and Kik

Why So Many People Engage in Dirty Snapchat Exchanges

Snapchat is all the rage these days, and when you’re not messing around with their latest filters, then you might dabble in sending a few dirty snaps. Nothing wrong with that! You’d be surprised by just how many people take advantage of the app’s features for sexting. If you aren’t using Snapchat to send and receive dirty messages, then you’re missing out. Here’s a look at why so many people engage in dirty Snapchat exchanges.

Send Dirty Snapchat Videos, Photos, or Texts

Snapchat sexting comes in all shapes and forms. You can send a titillating picture or dirty thoughts via text, or even send a sexy video. If that’s not appealing enough, you can also mix it up. You can write or type text over your photos, talk dirty in your videos, or send a photo from your camera roll along with your text messages.

Snapchat Sexting Features Make It Easy

One of Snapchat’s most notable features is the fact that everything you send is temporary. Whether it be a photo, video, or a message, it won’t stick around. Photos are set on a timer where you allow the recipient to see it briefly for 2 seconds or up to 10 seconds. They also allow you to send photos that don’t disappear if it’s someone you trust and know well enough. Even the text you send in a chat will disappear after you leave the conversation, which allows you to get as dirty as you want without fearing your nudes will make their way onto the internet.

The App Discourages Screenshots Of Snapchat Nudes

Trading nudes to someone you don’t know very well doesn’t mean they should be able to show them to all of their friends. Snapchat is one of the only photo sharing apps that discourages screenshots. Not only do viewers need to have their finger on the photo in order to view it, leaving their hands too occupied to take a screenshot, but if they somehow manage to take one, you’ll receive a notification.

Live Video Chatting With Snapchat Girls

The app’s new feature now allows two people to chat live, taking sexting on Snapchat to a sexy new level. Instead of just sending and receiving nude snaps, you can heat things up with a live video. Use it to talk to your partner, your friends, or some hot cam girls. Snapchat girls are some of the hottest ladies you’ll find online, and they’re all waiting to chat live with guys just like you!

Follow Your Favorite Adult Entertainers And Their Snapchat Porn

Don’t think porn stars are on Snapchat? Well, think again. Not only are they on Snapchat, but they’re sharing some incredibly hot pictures and videos. Most of them have a private and a public account. Their public accounts are usually PG-13, and anyone can follow them. For a small monthly fee, you can follow their private accounts where things get heated up. Then you’ll have complete access to their Snapchat nudes, raunchy videos, and maybe even a few live shows.

Now that you know why everyone is using Snapchat to talk dirty to one another, what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun and start following all of the right accounts to get you hot!

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