Fill your Kik Usernames friends list

5 Ways to Fill up Your Kik Usernames Friends List

If you want a more adventurous sexting experience, it’s not a bad idea to keep your Kik Usernames friends list full! Anyone who is new to Kik might not have many names on their friends list and feel unsure of how to grow that list. In today’s post, we’ll go over a few helpful tips on how to build more Kik connections and have more sexting experiences.

1. Start Out by Connecting with Kik Friends on Other Apps

Chances are that you’re probably already on other social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram as well as dating sites like Tinder and Bumble. Those are all good platforms for potentially hooking up with a new Kik sexting partner. Broach the subject carefully if there are no obvious signs that the person you’re talking to is already on Kik. For example, if a conversation you’re having with someone on a dating app is really starting to heat up, you can suggest moving it to the Kik platform to enjoy the full, safe sexting experience.

2. “Cold Call” to Kik Users

You’ve heard of cold calling and cold emailing for work purposes and when it comes to sexting on Kik, you can take the cold contacting approach. Everyone on Kik Sexting is there for the same purpose as you so why not take the plunge and contact the people you want to add to your friends list? Chances are they will be pretty open to connecting with you and indulging in a sexting experience or two.

3. Tap Into Your Kik Online Network

Once your Kik friends list starts to grow, even if it’s still relatively smaller, you can start tapping into your existing network of Kik friends to access other friends. You might only know five people, but each one of those five people also knows several people and they too know several people. There is no limit to the number of people you could potentially meet and sext on Kik.

4. Find Friends Based Off What You’re Looking for in Kik Friends

Are you sexually fluid and game for anything? Or is there something you had in mind regarding your sexting experience? Every type of person you could think of is on Kik, and with the app on your phone, it’s like having the sexting world literally at your fingertips. Start adding Kik friends based off what you’re looking for sexually, and in no time, you’ll find your list has grown exponentially.

5. Work With What Kik Usernames You Have

Although the objective is to expand your Kik friends list, don’t let it get in the way of the friends list you already have. Pace yourself. Start out by adding a few new people to the list then work with what you have. Take time to enjoy the app before going on and connecting with new people. Over time, you’ll notice that your friends list has grown sizably without it being so much of a priority that you lose sight of everything else. Grow your Kik friends list in tandem with actually enjoying the app with the people who are currently your friends.

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