Sex Chat Explained

How to Approach a Sex Chat Environment to Guarantee Success

Starting a conversation in an online sex chat can be scary, especially if you’re new to sexting. One of the most common mistakes is to start the sex talk right away, which can scare women away. Another mistake is not to have the courage to direct the conversation toward sexting at all, resulting in failed efforts. If you’ve found that you aren’t having luck in sex chat rooms, then it might be time to change your approach.

Be Honest About What Kind of Adult Chat You’re Looking For

When you’re in an adult chat room with dozens of other people, you need to provide some information to the group. This will entice others to send you a private message so that the two of you can get to know each other better. The fastest way to get this done is to write a quick intro.

Something basic about yourself would work like your age, general location, whether you’re a male or female, and what kind of person you’re looking to chat with. Looking to chat with a hot young female about what kind of panties she’s wearing? Then type that!

Try Being an Observer in an Adult Chat Room

If you’re too shy to introduce yourself, there’s nothing wrong with sitting back and reading what others have to say first. See if any of them pique your interest, and then introduce yourself in a private message instead. Don’t jump right into online sexting. Instead, tell them something about yourself. Try your nickname, age, profession, and hobbies — something to make them feel more comfortable. Once they feel like they know a little about you, they’ll be more willing to open up when you start talking dirty.

Use Emojis During Sex Chat

If you can’t find the right words to say what you want, try using a few emojis. You can say just about anything using just a few tiny winky faces and a peach. Emojis are also a great addition to a basic text when you’re chatting with someone one on one. It can turn a simple question into something sexy. For example:

  • What are you wearing? ;-)
  • Are you alone? ;-)
  • Can you guess what I’m doing right now? ;-)

Send Visuals in a Private Sex Chat

While free sex chat rooms are exciting, they don’t offer the visual stimulation that some people need. One of the best ways to turn up the heat in a text conversation is to send the other person a few sexy pics. Before sending any photos of yourself though, start by sending a raunchy video or pics of one of your favorite porn stars.

If you know what the person you’re talking to looks like, tell them you just saw a video or pics of a woman who looks just like her. Then send a link to something sexy to get her in the mood. Also, be sure that the person you’re telling her she looks like is attractive as a way to flatter her.

Try Playing Games in Free Chat Rooms

Playing a texting game is a great way to get to know someone as well as an easy way to turn it into a sex chat. Some classics that you might enjoy are 20 Questions, Truth or Dare, and Would You Rather. Most people won’t turn these games down as they’re fun and there’s no pressure for it to turn into sexting.

If you’re struggling to turn your experience in free chat rooms into a successful sex chat, then you might be coming on too strong. Take some of these approaches into consideration, and you’ll be sure to find yourself more comfortable with sexting in no time at all!

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