Trading SnapChat Nudes

The Excitement of Trading SnapChat Nudes and Four Things You Should Know Before Starting

Sexting and trading nudes can be an incredibly fun experience for both parties involved in the act, but there is undoubtedly an art form to it. For example, nary a woman enjoys receiving an unsolicited photo of male genitalia. That’s just sexting gone wrong. Save the nudes for when both you and your consensual sexting buddy both know you want them. When done right, sexting and trading SnapChat Nudes is filled with excitement. Here are some tips on how to do it the right way.

Protect Yourself when Snapchat Sexting

Before you can get excited about sending nudes, you have to make sure you are doing it safely. The number one rule is to keep your face or other distinguishable marks on your body out of photos. Secondly, reserve your sexting activities solely for use on your own personal mobile device. If you’re sexting and trading nudes on someone else’s device, you won’t be able to delete them unless you have access to it again.

Make Sure It’s What You Both Want With Dirty Snapchat

The people who want unsolicited nudes are few and far between. Usually, nudes are reserved for later on in the conversation, once the sexting has really started to heat up. It never hurts to ask the other person if they want a picture from you or if you can have a picture from them. And asking doesn’t have to be awkward; it can be done in a sexy way. When asking the latter question---if someone can send you a picture of them---don’t pressure them if they say “no”. Just let it go at that point and move on to another sexting scenario where both people are comfortable trading nudes.

Let Down Your Inhibitions With Snapchat Girls

Once you get the green light to send nudes to your heart’s content (and receive them), it’s time to really let down your inhibitions. Trading nudes with a sexting buddy is exhilarating because you get complete creative license regarding what photos you send. It’s also a chance to get a little adventurous and ask your sexting buddies to give you instructions on how to pose or ask what kind of nudes they want to see. And you can do the same when receiving nude photos from them. Finally, sending nudes safely and to someone who wants to receive them is a great confidence builder. Not only are you enjoying an exciting sexual adventure, you’re getting an ego-boost.

You Get to Send Snapchat Nudes With Many People

Provided your single or in a non-monogamous relationship, trading nudes is a great way to explore so many different body types and enjoy sexual adventures with multiple people, all from the comfort of home. This is a great way to reclaim your sexuality and boost your confidence in a way you never have before. Plus, it’s a thrilling way to enjoy sexting with men and women from all across the world.

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